The Bellachroy Hotel

Experience the serene beauty of the west coast through the Bellachroy Hotel’s new website.

Key Requirements

The Bellachroy is the oldest inn on Mull, established in 1608 as a waypoint for drovers. Since it has been lovingly restored, the hotel is a fantastic destination for travellers in search of peace, tranquility and serene Scottish landscapes. We crafted the Bellachroy Hotel a beautiful website to showcase everything it had on offer, from the sprawling west coast vistas to the luxurious rooms inside.

  • Create a website which highlights the unique feel of the Bellachroy
  • Integrate a booking engine from Q-Book
  • Drive conversions from mobile and desktop devices

Responsive Design

Our websites are all built using the latest available digital technology. This allows our websites to offer optimal performance on all devices.


Client’s Needs

It’s difficult to convey the views framed by the windows of the Bellachroy. The front garden of the inn rolls into the Croig Harbour and out into the dark Atlantic expanse. The blustery winds ruffle the trees and sea birds swoop amongst the gusts.

It truly has to be experienced to be believed.

Glasgoweb was chosen to lead the development of the website and craft the Bellachroy a digital platform that matched the offline reality.



We knew that no website was going to do the real experience justice but that didn’t stop us trying. We opted for a design which relied heavily on photography of the hotel and island, conveying in some small way what it is that makes the island special.

Below the main image we included a subtle, but effective, booking bar. This used the Q-Book booking engine and allowed users to arrange their stay without exiting the website.

The Bellachroy’s new website has been a fantastic stepping stone for the hotel, allowing them to effectively market their hotel to potential customers around the world.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Improving organic visability