Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions enjoy traffic boost with a new website from Glasgoweb

Key Requirements

Mobility Solutions was founded a little over two years ago. Since then it has undergone massive growth and established itself as the largest mobility superstore in the country. While the business enjoyed outstanding offline performance, it lacked the necessary eCommerce website to drive substantial national growth.

  • Design and build a website in-line with the Allied brand
  • Ensure accessibility across all major devices and browsers
  • Drive long-term growth through an SEO campaign

Responsive Design

Our websites are all built using the latest available digital technology. This allows our websites to offer optimal performance on all devices.


Client’s needs

Mobility Solutions was established back in 2012 in the north of Glasgow. With the backing of the Allied Vehicles it quickly established itself as the country’s largest mobility superstore, leading the way in domestic accessibility products.

While the in-store business was booming, Mobility Solutions opted to postpone the website launch until after the company had established itself.

Glasgoweb was chosen to design and build Mobility Solutions’ website and provide them with an outstanding digital platform.



We identified the navigation as a key area for focus during the design stage. Mobility Solutions have hundreds of products spread across a huge range of categories so the navigation and search function had to be intuitive for users to find what they need.

Additionally, the entire site had to ensure accessibility across devices, browsers and users. The first two were easily addressed by building Mobility Solutions’ new website on the world’s most popular responsive framework Bootstrap and running the site through comprehensive testing. The last point required more work. We used large fonts and strong colours to ensure the site was usable by everyone. We also included a high contrast mode for people with sight difficulties.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Improving organic visability