Hassle Free Storage

Digital Impact brings Hassle Free Storage’s brand new site to the front page

Key Requirements

Led by directors Iain Shankie and Tommy Mckenna, Hassle Free Storage has been quick to adopt new technologies and explore new ways to generate interest and engagement around the company. Digital Impact was chosen as the agency to spearhead the rebranding project and subsequent search engine optimisation campaign.

  • Drive long-term traffic growth
  • Improve conversion rates on the website
  • Showcase services and increase organic exposure



Client’s needs

Hassle Free Storage had traded for years as Kirkintilloch Self Storage. Their business defined by outstanding service and immaculate facilities. They quickly earned a name for themselves and filled their storage facility in the north of Glasgow.

With one facility running at capacity they opted to open a new storage facility in the south of Glasgow. When the Paisley location opened the parent company rebranded as Paisley and Kirkintilloch Self Storage.

However, the management team knew this name was not scaleable. We helped the team rebrand the company to the all encompassing Hassle Free Storage and design a brand new website to go with the new look company.

Unfortunately, the combination of a company-wide rebrand and website redevelopment caused online traffic to go into freefall and enquiries to dry up. Digital Impact was chosen to help revitalise their digital marketing and increase traffic to the new website.



We opted for a content-forward SEO campaign to improve the organic performance of Hassle Free Storage. We realised that storage facilities underpinned many parts of life, including moving home, redecorating and leisure.

We produced unique content targeted at these niches to create long-term traffic sources for the website. As well as regular visitors our content generated high quality links which helped push the Hassle Free up the rankings.

We supported our content strategy with an integrated social campaign. This helped generate a large social following behind the brand who were willing to promote content on our behalf and extend our reach tens if not hundreds of times.

Our campaign was immensely successful and resulted in several pages from Hassle Free Storage ranked on the first page of Google for numerous highly competitive keywords in the first couple of months.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Improving organic visability