Global Language Services

Glasgoweb helps improve Global Language Services’ paid search results by 304% in under two months.

Global Language Services is a professional language agency which works with a number of high profile clients across Scotland, including the BBC, the Scottish Parliament, Police Scotland, the SQA, NHS 24 and Glasgow City Council.

Global Language Services had had a paid search campaign run on their behalf without understanding where their money was going or what results they were achieving.

Glasgoweb took over as Global Language Services’ paid search operator earlier this year and immediately set overhauling the campaign.


Client’s Needs

Global Language Services’ paid search campaign was originally managed by another provider and we were contracted to work on their SEO. However, we soon noticed that their paid search campaign had several serious flaws.

The tracking was set up incorrectly and did not allow our analysts to separate our different acquisition channels. Additionally, we discovered they were paying a 40 percent ‘management fee’ which was being hidden in the monthly report.

Due to a combination of poor results, opaque billing and bad communication, Global Language Services terminated their agreement with their existing paid search agency and agreed to trial our service.



While Global Language Services wanted a better understanding of their investment, an improved service and more accurate reporting, their ultimate goal was to increase enquiries through and boost conversions.

We started by scrapped their existing paid search campaign and designing one from scratch. Our new campaign integrated comprehensive tracking of clicks, emails, phone calls and adspend. This allowed us to show exactly how many contacts they were receiving because of our work and what they were paying for those contacts.

We immediately saw the benefits with substantially lower costs and significantly higher conversions.

When we launched the campaign, we promised Global Language Services increased enquiries at a substantially reduced cost. After two months of positive results, we were happy to announce that we have achieved just that.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Better results for less money