GK Contracts

G.K. Contracts attracts new customers with a contemporary website from Glasgoweb.

Key Requirements

G.K. Contracts is a specialist asbestos removal company based just south of Glasgow in Paisley. Alongside dedicated asbestos services, their highly skilled tradesmen also offer flooring, roofing and general maintenance. Glasgoweb was chosen to lead the development of a new website which reflected and showcased the precision, skill and dedication G.K. put into every project.

  • Promote different services via the website
  • Attractively showcase previous projects
  • Drive email and phone enquiries

Responsive Design

Our websites are all built using the latest available digital technology. This allows our websites to offer optimal performance on all devices.


Client’s Needs

Asbestos is a building material that was extensively used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately, it eventually emerged that the material gives off harmful dust when disturbed. If people inhale the dust, it can cause a number of harmful health conditions.

From their Paisley headquarters, G.K. Contracts offers a range of specialised asbestos removal services to organisations across the UK. Alongside the asbestos side of the business, their skilled tradesmen also offer customers roofing, flooring and general maintenance services.

While G.K. Contracts had built up an enviable reputation in their industry, they struggled to attract new customers who had not yet heard of them. Glasgoweb was selected to lead the development of a new website and to design a marketing campaign to get it seen and heard by the public.



During our initial research, we quickly identified the expertise and experience of G.K. Contract’s tradesmen as a strong selling point.

We opted for a simple and straightforward design which highlighted their expert handiwork. This allowed new visitors to instantly see and appreciate exactly what’s on offer. We mirrored this theme of simplicity in our refresh of the company’s logo. By flattening the design and choosing strong vibrant colours, we created a strong visual look that users can now immediately identify with G.K. Contracts.

The redevelopment has been tremendously successful with visitor numbers and conversions consistently rising every month.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Improving organic visability