Geo-Structural update their digital presence with a beautiful website from Glasgoweb

Key Requirements

Geo-Structural specialises in providing access and construction services in locations other companies simply can’t get to. The company had operated across Scotland for years but lacked an attractive online platform to showcase either their services or latest projects. Glasgoweb was selected to lead the website redevelopment and provide Geo-Structural an effective online marketing platform.

  • Overhaul website design and functionality
  • Attract enquiries via phone and email
  • Showcase previous projects and results

Responsive Design

Our websites are all built using the latest available digital technology. This allows our websites to offer optimal performance on all devices.


Client’s Needs

When construction or engineering companies can’t get their employees onto a site, they call in Geo-Structural. Whether they’re dangling from structures hundreds of meters above the ground or manoeuvring platforms into place above a working railway, you can rely on Geo-Structural to get the work done wherever you are.

Geo-Strucutral had a wealth of fantastic marketing resources in their project documentation. Every project was impressive and helped convey their expertise and experience to potential customers. However, their existing website was severely lacking and they were unable to add new projects to it.

Geo-Strucutral’s management team selected Glasgoweb to lead the redevelopment of the website and provide the company with an effective marketing platform.



Early on in our consultations, we identified the unbelievable work Geo-Structural carry out as their biggest marketing asset. We designed and built a dedicated Projects section which allowed Geo-Structural to showcase their past projects with lots of rich media, including images, videos and text.

We also included these projects in a side panel on service pages. This acts as social proof for potential customers, proving that Geo-Structural are as good as they say they are and encouraging visitors to enquire about their services.

The website was a tremendous success and has resulted in ballooning email and telephone enquiries. We are extremely excited to see what the future holds for Geo-Structural.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Improving organic visability

Glasgoweb seemed really excited when I first met him. They wanted to know everything about our company. Where was the most exciting place we’d worked? What were we most proud of? How do you keep the head when you’re hanging off a bridge with nothing below you for hundreds of meters?

That enthusiasm was infectious and it really translated into the final website. They created a brilliant section for us to write about our projects and that’s been a brilliant resource for marketing our services to new clients.

I have already recommended Glasgoweb to several businesses we work with and I hope they choose to go ahead.