Emergency Lawyers

Richard Freeman founds new law practice with assistance from Glasgoweb.

Key Requirements

Richard Freeman has practiced as a road traffic lawyer since the mid-1980s. However, last year he decided to branch out and establish a specialist criminal lawyers Glasgow defence firm. Glasgoweb was selected to lead the development of his website and design a targeted content strategy to get it seen.

  • Design and build a lead generation website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive growth through SEO campaign

Responsive Design

Our websites are all built using the latest available digital technology. This allows our websites to offer optimal performance on all devices.


Client’s Needs

Richard had been practising as a criminal court solicitor since 1986 and decided early on to specialise in road traffic charges. He spent years developing his firm Road Traffic Experts into the industry-leading body it is now.

However, last year he decided he wanted to test his legal metal in a different field and founded a venture called Emergency Lawyers, which was geared towards criminal defence. While Richard had earned a name for himself and his road traffic law firm, his new firm was a complete unknown.

Digital Impact was chosen to design and build Emergency Lawyers’ new website and get it seen online.



During our early consultations with Richard we identified building trust as authority as key goals for the project. We knew that the Emergency Lawyers name wouldn’t mean much to people so we concentrated on building a website that conveyed Richard’s expertise, experience and high success rates.

We recommended that Emergency Lawyers website should be designed towards converting as many visitors into qualified leads. This meant building trust with the visitor and offering a hook that would incentivise visitors to contact the client. After careful consideration we opted to highlight the clients free consultation service which was available 24/7 and put Richard and his team front and centre of the website, highlighting his success rate and key recent cases.

After we launched the website, our SEO campaign began pushing Richard’s website up the rankings. In a matter of months we had the website on front page for eight high value keyword terms. This was a tremendous accomplishment for a brand new website in such a short period of time.



Driving long-term growth



Optimised for conversions



Improving organic visability

Due to my spectacular success rate with Road Traffic Expert I decided to branch out into criminal law. I knew that a good website was going to be important because that is how people now search for businesses and experts.

I decided to use Glasgoweb after analysing their previous work. Their team worked with me to develop a new site which promoted our team, our experience and our skill in the courtroom.

We knew that we were the best chance people had to avoid a prosecution. Now everyone else knew it too.